Assupol Funeral Cover

Cashback Benefit

Double Accidental Death Cover

Claims Settled Within 24 Hours


Unlimited Family Members

Family Income Benefit

Assupol On-Call Benefit

Paid Up Benefit

Assupol Funeral Cover Benefits

Up to R75 000 from Just R34 p/m

You can make changes to the cover amount for each person until you are satisfied with your monthly premium. For an individual person, the price starts from just R21 p/m.

Family Income Benefit

With this optional benefit, you can make funds available for your family for up to 6 months after your death. This money can assist the family with anything they need financially.

Instant Accidental Death Cover

All lives insured will receive instant accidental death cover from acceptance date to the start of the policy.

Quick 24 Hour Payouts

Once all the claim documents are received, Assupol will settle claims within 24 hours. In some cases claims settle even sooner.

Cover Unlimited Family Members

There is no limit to the amount of family members you can cover under one Assupol Funeral Plan.

Paid Up Benefit

For an additional premium, you can decide to stop paying premiums after you turn 65 without losing any policy benefits. The policy will continue for all lives insured.

No Medicals Required

Your acceptance into an Assupol Funeral Plan is guaranteed. You do not have to undergo medicals or answer medical questions to join.

Premium Waiver Plus Benefit

For an additional premium, you can guarantee insurance for your family, without them having to pay any premiums after your death.

Cashback Benefit

With this additional benefit, you can get cashback every 4 years even if you claim. This is money straight to your pocket.

Assupol On-Call

This benefit includes a wide range of personal support. Examples include: Transport of deceased persons, trauma counselling, transport in medical emergencies, and other helpful information on funeral, medical and financial matters. This part is automatically included in your policy.

About Assupol Funeral Cover

Reasons to Use Assupol

  • They always put their clients first.
  • They are a trusted leader in their selected markets.
  • They have over a century’s worth of experience.
  • They take pride in their understanding of the needs of South Africans.
  • Assupol pays valid funeral claims within 24 hours.
  • They offer innovative, simple, affordable, and relevant products.
  • They are easy to reach at their nationwide network of branches.
  • Their selling process is transparent, and their dealings with clients are fair.

Assupol has been around form more than a hundred years. They service clients with their needs in mind. One of the things they pride themselves on is the ability to understand the market. They create products that focus on South Africans.

They have amazing products and a great track record. You can rest assured that you will be in good hands when you need to claim. They settle valid claims within 24 hours. This makes money available almost immediately when needed. Some of the value adding benefits pays in minutes.

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