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About our Funeral Cover Providers

InSHoor™ represents AVBOB, Assupol, Metropolitan Life & Discovery. Click on the logos above link to visit the site for each provider. This section of our website is dedicated to Assupol only. You can find our main site here:

On this version of our site, you will mostly find info about Assupol and their products. For more information about any of the other providers we represent, please visit their respected pages.

We only represent top providers with fantastic products. At the end of the day, to find the best product, all you need to do is speak to one of our friendly agents. Feel free to browse all our providers to see some of the benefits they have to offer. At the end of the day, the best product is one that will suit your needs. All the providers listed here have great funeral policies.

We have done a lot of research to find the best providers for our customers. We have been an award winning brokerage since the day we opened our doors in 2012. We have since won the top AVBOB broker nationally award every year since. We have a passion for funeral insurance and want to make sure our clients are taken care of.

Please note, it does not cost you anything extra to make use of our website. We are not a lead aggregator. We are a registered financial services provider. We do not send your details to all the providers we represent. We contact you from our own call centre. Once you get a free quote from us, we can arrange the policy at no extra cost to you.

AVBOB Funeral Cover

AVBOB offers a great cash only or funeral services policy. When it’s time to claim, you can choose if you want the cash, or AVBOB to arrange the funeral for you. You can get up to R50 000 cover from as little as R37 p/m. With AVBOB you get double cover if death is due to an accident. They have a standard 6 month waiting period. This is only for natural casues. You do not have to undergo any medical examinations to join the policy.

Discovery Funeral Cover

Although Discovery is a fairly new company when compared to AVBOB and Metropolitan. This does not mean they do not have an amazing funeral plan. You can get up to R60 000 from just R56 a month. Like most of their products. Discovery funeral cover comes with a wide range of great benefits.With Discovery funeral cover, you can get the highest cover amount of all the providers we represent. You do not need to have any other Discovery products to join this plan.

Metropolitan Funeral Cover

Metropolitan is a straight forward high quality funeral plan. Although it’s a cash only policy, it comes with some great benefits. You can get covered from as little as R40 p/m. Metropolitan offers a maximum of R50 000 cover for the main policy holder. You will receive automatic accidental death cover. There is a standard 6-month waiting period for natural causes. You do not have to undergo any medical examinations to join the policy.


We will help you find the best funeral plan for your needs. We have 1000’s of happy clients every year. We understand the industry and the needs of our clients.

For more information on us, or any of the providers we represent, please get in touch. Just complete a contact form anywhere on our website. One of our friendly staff members will give you a quick call.

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